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Concrete anchor jacks suppliers in China

2017-05-25 14:54:22

Prestressed tendons in anchorage probably can be divided into: clamp plate anchorage, bearing type anchorage, cast type anchorage, cone plug type anchorage and pressing type anchorage.

Clamp plate anchorage types are: JM, QM (anchor) and XM (inclined anchor), etc.

Gaode Equipment is concrete anchor jacks suppliers, we professional supply concrete anchor jacks

Our anchor system has below features:

Wide range application, it can anchor with standard strength of 1570Mpa-2000Mpa, with the diameter of 8mm,9mm,11mm,12.7mm,15.2mm,18mm pc strand and the high-strength steel wire with standard strength of 1570Mpa-1670Mpa, with the diameter of 5mm,7mm.

Wide range of choice, GYM series anchor system is suitable for the number of pc strand from 1-55 tendons, and can be produced as per customer requirement.

With good stressing self-anchored function, Easy operation.

With high anchoring efficiency and reliable anchor.

The anchor structure size is reasonable, which can satisfy anchorage efficiency coefficient but also achieve anchorage of strand of short distance.

round anchor



anchor in special useage


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