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The comment problem and solution of concrete pump

2016-11-11 13:26:04

It is a necessary step that the application of preventing concrete quality problem, there are many different problem during mixing plate is mixing concrete, which will cause some problem for schedule of construction and construction quality. Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd as a concrete mixer with pump manufacturers, now let us make some analyze for those problems and put forward some aimed solution.

The reason and solution of concrete slump loss.

1. The reason:

1) The quality of concrete additive and the adaptation of cement are bad, it will cause concrete slump loss is quick.

2) The dosage of concrete additive is not enough, the function of keeping plastic is not well.

3) If the weather is hot, some concrete additive will be no effect under the hot weather; too fast evaporation; bubble is overflow causing fresh concrete slump loss is too big.

4) Initial concrete slump loss is too small, the unit dosage of water is too little.

5) Work site is not well coordinating with mixing plate, traffic jam is too long causing concrete slump loss is too big.

6) Metering system’s error of concrete pump with mixer is too large, not steady.

7) Water ratio of big aggregate and small aggregate is changed.

8) Cement is stored and used by mixed.

2. The solution:

1) Adjusting formula of concrete additive, making it harmonious with cement. Before working, it must make the compatibility test between concrete addition and cement.

2) Adjusting formula of concrete, improving or reducing the grit rate, water dosage, adjusting concrete slump loss to upper 200mm.

3) Mixing moderate coal ash to replace partial cement.

4) Improving the dosage of concrete addition by moderation.

5) Preventing evaporation of water is too quick, bubble is overflow too quickly.

6) Choosing slag cement or lime pozzolanic cement.

7) Improving the device of water retention and cooling of concrete convey car.

8) The metering equipment need to meet related stipulation, and it also has the effect quality certificate from department of legal metrology, ensure the correct metering.

9) Strength the detection for water moisture content, if it is changed, change it as per change.

3. Summarize experiences:

Aimed at concrete pump with mixer problem, we summarize some solution combined with practical situation by studying and testing. For example, communicated with additive factory, asking them to adjust and improve retarded components of concrete additive; adjusting the working time, avoiding to work under the hot weather; If it is traffic jam, you could add the second time concrete additive.

 diesel concrete pump with mixer


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