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China foam concrete pump factory

2020-03-06 16:08:11

A set of foam concrete machine mainly includes a foam concrete mixer and a foam concrete pump. The China foam concrete machine can be used for cast-in-suit wall, thermal flooring, thermal insulation roofing, foam concrete block and so on.

GD series foam concrete pump is main product of our foam concrete pump factory, it exports of high pressure, can meet the needs of high-rise ratio of the various ingredients used in automatic control. It has round and universal wheels, so it is mobile and place convenient and flexible.

foam concrete pump

Our China foam concrete machine is multifunctional, which can realize feeding, foaming, mixing and pumping at the same time. It is a completed production line, very convenient.Of course, foam agent is necessary, if you need, we also supply to you.

Lightweight foam concrete machine and pump application:
China foam concrete pump, suitable for the foam concrete construction on the slope of the insulation layer and the roof insulation layer, the foam concrete slab, the lightweight wall panel, the fire door core and the biogas pool, foam concrete site construction, roof insulation, slope, floor mat.
1. Scattered home improvement floor heating construction.
2. Medium and small area roof insulation construction.

3. Floor heating mortar filling construction.

4. Prefabricated insulation dicing, core processing.
5. Fire door core prefabrication processing.
6. Refractory prefabrication processing.
7. Wall filling foam concrete processing.
8. Foam concrete insulation sporadic project.
9. Small crafts injection molding.

foam concrete pump factory

If you have a low requirement of vertical transporting height, you can choose hose pump to replace the lightweight foam concrete pump. It can save your budget but not lower the quality of project.
Foam concrete hose pump is specially designed to pump the fluid foam concrete, there is a foam concrete machine, it uses the foam concrete pump for foam concrete pumping. This China foam concrete machine is a full production line to produce and pump the foam concrete, including the feeding system, mixing system, foaming system and pumping system, so it is an ideal machine to produce the foam concrete products. And this foam concrete production line is time-saving and very convenient and has high cost-performance.

foam concrete hose pump

Due to the good performance of the foam concrete pump, it is widely used to pump the foam concrete, and this quality foam concrete pump is more and more popular all over the word.

high quality foam concrete pump

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