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Application of GD-N2 Plastering Machine

2017-11-03 17:04:07

The N2 semi -automatic plaster spraying pump is a spraying unit with high reliable, well-adapted, sturdy and durable, easy operated. Only three people are needed for the construction, one conveys the raw materials, one controls the spraying gun, and the third one for assistant work (Move the tube).Compared the traditional manual construction, it can save the labor, money and time. Additional, the project quality is much better than manual construction. The spraying pump equipped with safety operating control system, and it would stop no matter which parts have fault, which can guarantee the safety of the machine as well as the operator.

Application Scope:

This screw type
mortar plastering pump is suitable for many materials, like normal mortar, thermal insulation mortar, dry mortar, anti-crack mortar, interface agent, lacquer putty, building glue, adhesive, fireproof materials, epoxy coatings.

Construction Projects:

Interface agent, wall mortar spraying, grid structure spraying, floor grouting, fireproof and anticorrosive paint, strong viscosity painting, etc.


mortar spraying machine is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly construction machinery developed by our company and enhanced on the basis of Germany advanced technologies. It's
completely applicable to all types of spraying constructions.

This set of spraying assembly, blending perfect design with excellent industrial technologies, is reliable, adaptable, strong and durable, and easy to operate. Therefore, it has been praised and recognized by insiders at all levels and strongly seconded and generalized by relevant leaders. Assorted with the current sound-and- thermal insulation system of the space truss structure like CS board, SB board, EPS board, and polypheny particle board, the mortar wall surface machine of these halftones is featured by easy use, high hardness, good adhesion, and no hollowness and cracks, distinct from the shortcomings of high difficulty, low hardness, insufficient adhesive, and likely hollowness and cracks of that of the manually-operated space truss structure. 

Plaster spraying pump

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