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The application of peristaltic pump

2019-12-13 10:42:10

Industrial peristaltic pumps are used for many industrial field because of their unique structure features and working principle.

hose pump working principle

Industrial peristaltic pumps for Gold smelting industry: gold pulp and tailings transport;

Industrial peristaltic pumps for Gold smelting industry

2. P
eristaltic hose pumps for Chemical industry: acid, alkali, phosphate and titanium dioxide phosphate, titanium dioxide (metatitanic acid) slurry, crystalline liquid, suspension, latex, resin, ooze and a variety of liquid;

Peristaltic hose pumps for Chemical industry

3. H
ose pumps for Drilling mud in the oil industry: transportation of crude oil and transportation of organic solvents and fuel oil such as gasoline and kerosene;

Hose pumps for Drilling mud in the oil industry
Drilling mud in the oil industry

Hose peristaltic pumps for Water treatment: sludge, lime slurry, adding chemicals, sampling water, sediment transport;

Hose peristaltic pumps for Water treatment

5. Industrial peristaltic pumps for Mining, metallurgical industries: such as gold mining in the filling of materials, iron oxide skin, flue mud treatment of concentrated pulp, underground channel drainage, adsorbent, mortar and mortar, etc;

6. P
eristaltic pumps for Pharmaceutical industry: the transport of liquid material;

7. Hose peristaltic pumps for Food industry: food and beverage transportation;

Hose peristaltic pumps for Paper industry: pulp, sulfur pulp transport;

Hose pumps for Construction industry: cement and mortar delivery;

hose pump used for TBM project

10. Peristaltic pumps for Ceramic industry: raw material slurry delivery;

Peristaltic pumps for Ceramic industry

11. Nuclear waste, electrolytic waste, metal slag solution, paint, paint and other liquid, material delivery;

hose pump for Nuclear waste, electrolytic waste, metal slag solution, paint

12. Squeeze hose pump for Beer industry: yeast, diatomaceous earth, lees, syrup, ingredients, concentrates (liquid), gas-liquid mixture.

Squeeze hose pump for Beer industry

Gaode Equipment has formed a perfect production process and production process after years of continuous technological innovation. Gaode can provide the different pristaltic pump for the demands of customers. 

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