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User Manual of LS PC Strands Pusher Machine


PC strands pusher machine is a main tool for pushing PC strands in the overlong prestressed channel on building bridge and huge buildings.
1. Working principle of PC strands pusher machine

Electric motor drive capstan to rotate, put in PC strands from the inlet, clamping roller clamp PC strands forward enter into reserved channel along with conduit, until to come out from outlet.

2. Main features of PC strands pusher machine

The machine can be forward and back, small dimension, light weight, easily operation and maintain. It only need two worker to operate the machine in the course of construction, it can reduce labor strength, improve production efficiency.

1) saving many labors, only need two persons, saving manage cost.

2) Easy operation, exact parameters, no any waste, saving many material cost.

3) PC strands needn’t to be cut, ensure its quality.

4) Pushing speed is 50m/min, low cost, high efficiency, quickly, exact.

5) Light weight and convenient, easily tear down and installation, transportation.

3. Method of 
PC strands pusher machine application

1) preparation before working

Checking whether electric wire is correct and intact, gear box need to be fulled yellow oil before working.

Switching on electric power, testing forward and reverse. The equipment must be connect with null line or ground protection to avoid to injure persons for  electric leakage.

2) formal working 

1. Pulling PC strands from coils, loose the hand wheel, put PC strand into inlet and out from outlet. The tail end of PC strands is covered a plastic cap, press hand wheel, but not too tight, avoid to influence the life of press wheel.

2. Notice at the other end of the staff to press the button to inlet strands, making strands enter into reserved channel along with conductor barrel until to another end of channel. If exposed PC strands need to be a little adjusted, knocking on the forward or back button by finger on the control button.

3. After the first strands is finished to be pushed. Covering a plastic cap for the tail end of next strands, repeat the upper process.

4. If the machine can’t reach rated distance, works can adjust the screws on the hand wheels until to reach work requirement, but it can’t be adjusted too tight, avoid to wear press wheels, reduce its usage life.

5. Please notice whether the machine is formal when working, if find any problem, stop the machine at once, find the cause, after the trouble is cleared, and then start it again.

4. Maintenance and care

1) Regular checking the yellow oil in the gear box and degree of wear of press wheels, if press wheels can’t reach to your usage requirement, it should be changed timely.

2) After all the work is finished, the equipment should be placed in the dry environment.

5. Announcements

1) Operators should be cooperate each other on the two ends, especially, when the operator on the inlet strands end is cutting strands or cover cap for the strands, operator on the outlet strands end don’t put his hands on the control button, avoiding to accidentally injure operator.

2) When working, prohibiting any person to through from the two ends, avoiding to injuring persons for popping strands.

3) If press wheel is slip when working, the strands aren’t forward, stop the machine at once, avoiding to overwear strands and press wheel. After find the course and solve it, and then continue to work.

4) There is forced interlock stop design in the cutting electric motor and main electric motor in the schematic circuit diagram, user can use it as per case.

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