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Small portable fine stone concrete pump application


Economic growth will rely more on the industry from the low end to the high-end, the growth momentum will gradually driven from the factors, driven by investment-driven innovation, and in order to achieve this driving force to switch, we must rely on reform approach to new steps of a total factor productivity. Concrete pump as a new building tool can transport both cement mortar and cement concrete with stone. The machine from the feeding, ingredients, add water, quantitative mixing, mixing, high pressure transmission as a whole, slurry uniformity, good stability, mortar, stone and cement ratio can be adjusted easily. 

small fine stone concrete pump

The small fine stone concrete pump is widely used in the construction of secondary pouring construction (such as structural columns, stealth columns and other infusion), road, railway tunnels, urban subway, underground powerhouse underground anchorage grouting, consolidation grouting and backfilling grouting works; It can be used for slope, soft rock reinforcement anchor pile grouting project; and widely used in a number of special construction environments such as: diversion holes, culverts, mines, bridges and other holes in the construction, Engineering, hydropower engineering, slope support, underground construction operations, basic filling works, large group buildings, such as structural column casting.
Application of high-rise building mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structure column filling, reservoir, hydropower station, port, pier all kinds of pressure grouting, foundation treatment, soft foundation, reinforcement grouting, tunnel, subway, mine construction backfill Grouting bolt support.
Portable concrete pump is with the air compressor and the ejector can also achieve wet spray of concrete.

fine stone concrete pump


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