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Sand and Cement Mortar Grout Plant Application


Grouting work was applied widely in dam, slope protection, bridge etc. projects. Sometime just grouting cement slurry will ok, but sometime need grouting mortar, if so, will add sand when making mortar slurry. Because the speed of colloidal mixer mixing is very fast, 1500rpm. If add sand directly, the impeller will be wearing very quickly. So how to make mortar slurry and grouting?

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Gaodetec GGP220/300/300PI-E mortar grout plant was designed special for mortar grouting.

GGP220/300/300PI-E mortar grout plant is designed based on high speed impeller mixer and mortar mixer. It achieves continuous and high speed mortar mixing and grouting. The grout plant is suitable for making cement mixture and mortar cement mixture and grouting them. Its working principle is: Use mixer to mixing cement slurry in high speed, then convey evenly mixed slurry to No. 1 agitator. Add sand to No. 1 agitator and mix evenly mixed mortar cement mixture flows into No. 2 agitator through discharge outlet. Grouting pump sucks mixture from No. 2 agitator and finish the grouting work, the whole work could be done in continuously.

mortar grout plant

mortar grouting plant

The mortar grout plant was mainly used in municipal, highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other construction site for mortar grout. This grout plant is driven by electric motor, mechanical plunger type injection pump. With compact size, easy to operate and also takes small place. Grout pump adopts frequency control, so the flow is step-less adjustable.

mortar grouting

sand mortar grout plant

Any question or demands, please contact info@gaodetec.com  +86-15903613994 without any hesitation. Because Gaodetec also has own technical team, could offer you one right solution, and also could offer after-sale service in 7*24 hours. 

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