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XLT-230 jet grouting drill machine


Jet Grouting uses high velocity fluid jets to construct cemented soil of varying geometries in the ground.

Jet grouting creates in situ geometries of soilcrete (grouted soil), using a grouting monitor attached to the end of a drill stem. The jet grout monitor is advanced to the maximum treatment depth. Then high velocity jets (cement grout with optional water and air) are initiated from ports in the monitor. The jets erode and mix the in situ soil with grout as the drill stem and monitor are rotated and raised.

Jet grouting equipment

XLT-230 full hydraulic rotary jet grouting drill rig is suitable for high - rise building deep foundation anchoring, roadbed, road dam reinforcement and other engineering. It is also used for traditional process of single-tube, double-tube and three-tube jet grouting pile.

Jet grout drill is used for MJS, S-RJP, SQJ and other high-pressure rotary spray method. Pile diameter can reach to 2m and highly increase the working efficiency.

Jet grouting drill rig

rotary jet grouting drill rig

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