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How to distinguish the quality of hydraulic cylinder electric pump station


Let us show you how to distinguish the quality of hydraulic cylinder and electric pump station:

1. Appearance

From appearance we can see, the whole of hydraulic cylinder is shining, bright-coloured, weld port is slippy, this is not a industrial tool, but also it is including appearance process and human’s wisdom. Bad hydraulic cylinder with pungent smell, very coarse surface, feeling bad.

2. Material and construct

Good hydraulic cylinder, whatever double acting hydraulic cylinder or single acting hydraulic cylinder, it must use high quality material. Our hydraulic cylinder adopt 45# forge steel or straight process, welding copper on the piston, the material of piston rod is chromeplate, its purpose is reduce the friction between cylinder body and piston. However, bad hydraulic cylinder use comment steel, simple welding and polish then tobe finished sooner, not only weight is lighter, but also quality is discount much more, seriously influence its life and safe for workers.

3. Manufacturing scale of manufacturer

A certain size of the factory absorb many talents and by Customer-centric, solve many real question for customers, and supply one set of professional tool knowledge.

4. Brand recognition

Good brand is from business leadership of the business ability and innovation ability, it also is whole company culture construction and target location. Only a good public praise can win the  customers’ trust.

5. Price

Medium-price but high cost performance hydraulic cylinder is all the person want, but some suppliers sell it by a very low price in the market, finally injury customers, suitable price is based on the quality of cylinder. Our hydraulic cylinder with medium-price and good quality.

Gaodetec also manufacture kinds of hydraulic cylinder, including large tonnage hydraulic cylinder, thin type hydraulic cylinder, separated hydraulic cylinder, hollow hydraulic cylinder, with lock nut single acting hydraulic cylinder and kinds of electric pump station. Besides, we also supply kinds of non-standard hydraulic cylinder. Gaodetec welcome to you~ 

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