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Application of hydro seeding machine


The hydro seeding machine is a new greening method combining the two methods of spraying and non-irrigating, mixing the green seed and the water-retaining agent, the binder, the green fiber covering and the fertilizer, and mixing with the water in the stirring container into gelatinous mixed slurry, with a pressure pump to spray on the land to be broadcast. As the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials and nutrients to ensure that the water required for plant growth and other sources of nutrients, the plant can be healthy and rapid growth, and do not need to repeat the replenishment of water. Suitable for large-scale greening operations, especially the lack of irrigation facilities are more arid areas.

Soil spraying machine is widely used for rock, hard soil, sandy soil, barren, acidic soil, arid zone, the shore to mention the growth of plants and other places difficult to plant green planting. Today, the sowing machine is widely used in highway slope greening, high-speed railway slope greening, mine green, ecological restoration, desertification control and other projects.

hydro seeding machine


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