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What is advantage of our high pressure membrane filter press?


Are you looking for a better membrane filter press? Membrane filter press made by gaodetec would be the best choice for you. Our filter press can reduce energy consumption greatly, and there are various forms can be selected, also can meet the needs of different industries in different customer requirements. The advantages are as below:

1. In the later period of filtration, the flow rate is low and the pressure is high. This would reduce the energy consumption of power greatly.

2. Our filter press adopts low-pressure filtration and high-pressure squeeze. It can shorten the cycle time of filtration and save much working time.

3. Our filter press can finish the filtration procedure in a short time, not only high efficiency, but also save energy greatly.

4. Increase the dryness and reduce the moisture of the cake. The membrane squeeze is used to squeeze the cake after the static filtration finished, so that the structure of the filter cake is rearranged and the density is increased. At the same time, some water is replaced and the dryness increased.

5. High anti-corrosion ability, and can meet the requirement of solid liquid separation in different industry, almost can be used for all solid liquid separation project.

6. Can equipped with PLC control system, reduce the labor intensity, and improve the precision and efficiency of solid-liquid separation

7. Membrane Plate has the advantage of anti-fatigue, anti-aging and high airtightness.

Our high pressure membrane filter press has superior performance and widely application, it is the ideal equipment for your filtration project. 

membrane filter press

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